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Six Things to Try When Fixing Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera App Failure

Having issues with your new or old Samsung Galaxy S4 camera? Can’t snap, showing app failure or error! Here are six things you can try, one might fix the problem. But please do not disassemble if your phone is still under the warranty period.

1. Remove the SD Card, or Replace it with a new one.

2. Check the Camera module and make sure it is not loose. Tighten a screw if possible.

3. Tap the camera like two to three times.

4. Try to factory reset the device.

5. Replace Camera Module. You can place order for one from Amazon or eBay.

6. Still can’t fix the camera failure with the previous try then send the phone back to the supplier for repair.

NOTE: that is if your device is still under the warranty period.

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