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How to Fix Fatal Error: Call to Undefined Function on line 499

WordPress happens to be one of the most used application from the softaculous option during website site creation. May be because it is an open source or lots of developers are making good plugins for people to use.

If you’ve come across any Fatal Error that points to undefined function PHP error. The first option you should consider is contacting the support of your theme for them to get it fix.

This problem probably occurs in website running WordPress elearning like one I recent designed showing the following error:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function learn_press_get_related_courses() in /public_html/wp-content/themes/levelup/widgets/widget-related-courses.php on line 499

NOTE: This step might turn off some for function for that particular area showing that error but every will run smoothly after apply this little PHP comment skill.

Here is how to fix such fatal error:

1. Login as administrator

2. Go to your dashboard and click on appearance ==> editor

3. Beside the editor click “function.php”

4. Copy the PHP code to text editor (I recommend NotePad++)

5. Locate line number 499 and add double forward slash (//) which means are turning that line of code into ordinary comment.

6. Copy the code and paste it to replace the codes you have in the function.php and upload it.

7. Navigate back to that page and reload it.

8. That’s all to fix it.

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