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WordPress Visual Editor Blank – Not Plugin Issue Sometimes

WordPress visual editor makes is easy to publish your good post by clicking on buttons to edit your post content. For example, adding bullets and numbering.

By default wordpress is installed with visual editor. But if yours doesn’t, download a visual editor from TinyMCE Advance plugin. Log on the your website, install and activate the plugin.

I had the same issue with mine when I switch to another system from my usual. This got me puzzled a little bit and made me deactivate, delete and reinstall the plugin but the outcome remains the same. WordPress source said I should delete the TinyMCE folder in the ftp directory but that still didn’t bring back the visual editor buttons and allow me to add text.

The problem in this case is not the plugin rather the browser settings. Some browser are set not to display ads using adblock. Adblock disables wordpress visual editor and makes the editor show blank.

How to Enable Visual Editor on Your Browser

  • From your browser tool bar click on adblock menu
  • Disable adblock for the website or page
  • Refresh the page and visual editor will work as normal

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