Top Five Places to Visit in Bonny Island

Earlier on I shared recipe for making the number one food of Bonny people in Rivers State, Nigeria which is Opopo (Yam and Plantain) and pepper soup. So we’re taking a different dimension on this one to highlight five good spots you ought not to miss when you are around town.

Counting over seven billion people in the world I think I fall among the group of those whose hobbies include travelling. My passion for nature, culture and people entirely has gone beyond bound because I don’t mind going through the Dead Sea to see new things, places and people. However, large number of Nigerians are directly opposite of my lifestyle. And when the name Bonny Island is mentioned you’re raising tension in the heart of those who would drown in swimming pool let alone talking about a river that is linked to the Atlantic Ocean.

May be this might encourage you to come see things for yourself; I’ve been doing the traveling thing from Bonny to PH for fifteen years as at the time the post was written and I never in any day had any cause to swim for survival. Yes, it’s actually a testimony cause I’m one of those guys that could drown in a pool without life vest.

Talking about life vest also known as life jacket, that is the first thing they give to you when you make payment to board a boat to or from Bonny Island using public boat. The leading company in the region-Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas made provision for several ferryboats with JTF escort for both senior and junior staff based on booking before the day of travelling. Other companies do same for their employees. The only different I see between the company and public boats are comfort and emergency exit. In an actual case of emergency for public boat sailors you will have to use the open heaven emergency exit as most of boats are not covered at all. Although, they are still safe; emergency hardly occur 98.7 percent a times. But if you are still worried after short inspiration, then you can inbox the admin at MATTMAIK for a bet on, you think you won’t arrive safely.

Before oil and gas trade there was a trade and that trade is called the slave trade. One of the major businesses of the early people of the Bonny Kingdom. It made people in the business rich. Here are five photos of spots to visit including a recommended hotel. Below are our top five places that might give you a glimpse of the past and now:

  1. The first you would want to do when you are in is get a place to lodge. For that I recommend go straight to Hotel De Telavee at No. 14 King Perekule Road.
  1. Light house
  1. Watch the ship sail at river seven (aka Mayami Beach)
  1. Heritage Buildings
  1. RA and IA
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