10 Ways to Living the Life of Your Dreams

Merely having a plan for the New Year is a good way to get started. But knowing that is only ten percent on how you will achieve your goals, live the life of your dreams and keep to your resolution should get you puzzled about the other ninety you are about to read here. No doubt, we only try to follow resolution after having big dreams for the year and settings goals to take us to the next level for the first seventeen days of the ayear and then move back to our daily routine like we used to do before.

 As every 365 days journey draws to an end we all call out to make every moments count in the new year by: dreaming big, setting goals and making resolutions hoping to arrive at a desired end when the year runs out. And this we will achieve by either our actions or inactions, by planning or not even having a plan to start with. Yes, not having a plan is a plan on its which aims at achieving nothing or getting things done by chance.

1.     Don’t disrupt your dream motion with your emotion: Our biggest problems so far are emotional issues. Maybe you have not taken out time to figure it out our emotional troubles could break faster than any other challenges in life. This is because humans aare emotional being created to love and be loved and when that is not right in your life when fall in love with someone who is not your type and worst of all does not feel anything for you.

We are meant to attract who we are. Someone with similar likes and character that we possess. Most times we are unable to figure it out from the beginning of our relationship that perfect person for us which is why many people say love is blind. Yes, if you believe in that fine. Although, as time goes on healing will take place and you will be able to see when marriage or long relationship opens your eyes.

Now, don’t just seat down hoping situation will fix themselves or get better some day when you can apply these three steps.

>>> List out the major issues in your relationship.

>>> Ask yourself what could be the worst thing that would happen if you do the right thing you ought to do?

>>> Make the right choice and follow through.

Spend quality time (undivided attention) with that person, give no matter how little if he/she understands they will always appreciate it; Be swift to affirm on anything he/she does that you like.

2.     Take care of yourself: You need you in good health to achieve what you want and enjoy life to the fullest. To achieve that or maintain it if you are already living in good health, you need to stop paying little attention to yourself and take your diet, regular exercise and relaxation seriously because even God himself rested on seventh day after creation how much us in a body that doesn’t last forever. How we gat to do is maintain it to serve well while on planet earth.

3.     Know Your Weakness: success is sure base on consistency in what you do and to be consistent you must be motivated and disciplined. Being discipline means: first you should know what, when, where and how to get things done. Know your weakness (those things that takes you off focus).

4.     Make plans for a year and beyond:- Having a plan for a year is good enough but if you want to achieve great success you need to make plans for two, five, ten, twenty, or even fifty years as far as your eye can see that believing God will make it possible. In business, marriage,

5.    Live one day at a time: living one day at a time keeps you focus on the task at hand rather than trying to do everything in one day and end up accomplishing nothing. So do yourself a favor to prioritize your set goals after making plans for a year and more. Set your agenda a day before and be loosely tight to people trying to add you to their agenda.

6.    Connect with people offline.

7.     Worry over nothing.

8.     Don’t forget to live – enjoy life.

9.     Don’t forget to love.

10. Improve yourself daily

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