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#2: Change Your Mindset – It Pays to Be a Content Creator

There is absolutely nothing wrong for people to search for information online most especially using Google search engine which people would say Google knows best; neither is there something wrong with connecting with family and friends via social media to share amazing moments, discuss current issues and have fun. It keeps us closer from distance and put useful information at our fingertips. But, if everyone was to have a consumer mindset like we do then we certainly won’t have what we have now and call it the digital age.

We all can’t become a content creator. Agreed but then that is why we keep wondering why only a few are world billionaires. There are things you know which until you put them online and search engines crawl webpages with such content no search will have knowledge of it which means that knowledge is buried in the mind of a consumer.

We enrich people as you navigate from page to page, one app to another directly or indirectly. And if you don’t know that already, you are welcome because this mindset switching will turn your life around as you read the Goldmine Online… Read more

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