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Talk, Text and Do More with No Cell Service or Wi-Fi – Beartooth Device

I don’t know about you, but I’m very sure my mobile network service provider won’t be smiling when they figure out I have purchased this futuristic device that connects me and the love of my life with voice call, text and even locations sharing feature that tells me where she is at the moment without ever having to think about airtime top-up or data subscription.

I’m not saying the BEARTOOTH Smart Walkie Talkie System is powered by sorcery (for people with superpowers), neither am I saying the BEARTOOTH Smart Walkie Talkie system is powered by sorcery. This awesome device is not actually a walkie talkie. It’s a box that connects wirelessly to your iPhone or Android phone and allows it to make and receive voice calls, send and receive text messages, or even navigate with maps — all without requiring Wi-Fi or cellular service. 

It’s fantastic for hiking or any remote areas, or for concerts and sporting events where network congestion often makes it impossible to communicate with your friends. Depending on the terrain and your surroundings, it has a range of between 1 and 3 miles!

Why this device is worth having:

·        No cell service or wi-fi needed

·        iOS and Android compatible

·        Talk, text, & location share

·        Additional features

·        Easy setup

See the full features specification and price here


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