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MTN Airtime/Credit 777 or 600 Transfer Code in Nigeria and How to Use It

Looking for shortcode on how to transfer MTN airtime from one MTN number to another MTN number or you just want to know how it works? Well, you’re at the up spot (.com) where we show you clear view with working explanations on how to get things done.

So far, in Nigeria MTN happens to be the leading mobile network service provider with over 50 million subscribers as at the time this post was written. Chances are your friend(s) and or family use this network which makes the knowledge of how to send MTN airtime worth knowing if you’re in Nigeria.

There are two ways to send credit/airtime from MTN to another MTN number:

The first method has to do with the use of 777 while the other method requires the user to dial the 600 USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code.


Here is How to Transfer MTN Airtime with 777:

·        First of all, the must be on MTN pulse plan to be eligible to send credit to another MTN user.

·        If you’re not on that plan, simply dial *406#

·        Follow the prompt that says “press 1” to migrate.

·        After that, you will have to change your default PIN which usually is 0000 by sending SMS to 777

·        So, Text 0000 NEWPIN NEWPIN to 777. E.g 0000 1234 1234 to 777

·        Make sure you space it correctly to avoid getting an error when you send.

·        Your PIN will be changed successfully.

·        Next, text: “Transfer Number Amount NewPIN” to 777. E.g Transfer 0706XXXXXXX 1000 1234 to 777

That’s all, your airtime will be transferred after you confirm your airtime transfer by reply “YES” to 777 when you receive an SMS stating the amount you intend to transfer.

Here is How to Transfer MTN Credit with the 600 code in Nigeria:

·        Create your new PIN.

·        Dial *600*the phone number* amount* PIN#.

·        E.g *600*0706XXXXXXX*1000*PIN#


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