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How to Activate and Use *7111# – The New Keystone Bank Transfer Code

Earlier on we shared a post that explained in details Keystone Bank Transfer Code and Mobile Application for Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and Windows phone devices. Right there you will figure out that the shortcode is that of QuickTeller’s for Keystone Bank.

Well, Keystone Bank is one of the leading banks so far as such they have rolled out an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) shortcode to make banking easy for people who bank with Keystone.

The Keystone Bank Limited transaction USSD code and how to download and install the mobile application here will make it easy for you to carry out quick transactions directly from your smartphone. But first of all, let me explain a little, the advantages of using either a USSD code or the official mobile application for your device:

·        The *7111# code for transactions does not require the use of the internet to process so this means you don’t have to worry about money for data subscription before you can send money to anyone from anywhere as long as you are using the SIM you have registered in your bank information when the account was created.

·        While on the other hand, the application on smartphones doesn’t charge you an extra fee for transferring money apart from the usual amount the is being deducted for transfer of money to a different bank destination other than Keystone Bank.

Here is The Code to Transfer Money from Your Keystone Bank Account:

Keystone Bank to Keystone Bank account – Dial *7111# and follow the prompt.

·        Select 3 to send money to a Keystone Bank

·        Select 4 to send money to other banks

Here is How to Check Your Keystone Bank Account Balance:

·        To check your account balance simply dial *7111#

·        Follow the prompt and enter 1.

Here is How to Load/Recharge Airtime from Your Keystone Bank Account:

·        For Self – *7111#, follow the prompt and select 2 to proceed.

·        For Others – *7111*Amount*Phone Number#

How to Open an Account with Keystone Bank Using *7111#

Step #1: Dial *7111#

Step #2: Select 8

Step #3: Select 3

Step #4: Follow prompt and enter required details

Keystone Bank Mobile App to Download and Install on Your Android, iOS, Windows or BlackBerry Devices

  • For Android: To get the app on an Android smartphone all you have to do is launch your Google PlayStore Application and download Keystone Bank Mobile Banking App. After downloading the app install it with the required permission to enable it to carry out its full banking functions.
  • For iOS: To get this app on your iPhone or iPad devices simply launch and sign in to your Apple Store account and download Keystone Bank Mobile Banking App. Just like Android, it will install automatically.
  • For Windows Phone: Go to Windows Store, download and install the Keystone Bank app.
  • For BlackBerry OS: To install on BB device simply launch the BlackBerry World, download and run the application.

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