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Page 2 – Huawei P20 Lite or Other Android Phones

Step #11: Stop the video and press the share key again.

Step #12: Now from the share option displayed. Open the email option and choose Yahoo.

Step #13: Sign-in to your Yahoo mail account (if you don’t one – create one to complete this process). Tap Next to open your inbox.

Step #14: Now, press the compose (or Plus) button to send a mail.

Step #15: You will have to send this mail to someone or your other email address. So, enter their email address and add a subject (anything).

Step #16: After that, use the attachment key to >> Files >> SD Card >> locate that QuickShortCutMaker you downloaded.

Note: you will need to insert your SD card first.

Step #17: Attach that shortcutmaker app in the mail and send it.

Step #18: Now, go to your sent mailbox to open that mail your sent.

Step #19: Open and Install that application (allow unknown apps installation).

Step #20: After installation, tap open and search for home.

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