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Page 3 – Tecno F2, K8, K9 or Other Android Phones

Step #21: Next, touch “Google Play Services” and turn off “Permit usage access”.

Step #22: Go back and repeat the same for Google Play Store.

Step #23: Navigate back to Security >> Device administrators.

Step #24: Uncheck “Find My Device” and press the “Deactivate this device administrator” button.

Step #25: Now go back to your phone menu and open “File Manager”.

Step #26: Install and launch the second application you downloaded earlier on.

Step #27: Using your Apex Launcher menu, go to your device Settings >> Apps >> Google Play Services and press Disable.

Step #28: Go back and repeat the same on Google Play Store.

Step #29: Next, navigate back to Settings menu >> Accounts.

Step #30: Now add your Google account – sign-in.

Step #31: After that, go back to Settings >> Apps and enable Google Play Services and Google Play Store.

Step #32:  Reboot your phone and that’s all. Just follow up with the usual settings. That email you added will be waiting for you to just press next and finish up.

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