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Top 10 Old Pics of WWE Stars Vince Don’t Want People to See

With all the stunts, body size, weight and toughness of professionally trained wrestlers which makes it difficult to assume the whole show, to be just another sport out there at the end of the day. But the truth is these guys are characters that are safety cautions to perform as good athletes. In a no ring, light and cameras situation, you will realize they are ordinary human.

Even as wrestlers are tougher, large, and most times thinks themselves to be gods in midst of human – towering and intimidating cool people – they were one-time cool people too before they got into wrestling. If Vince McMahon ever gets his eyes on photos that show just how adorable some of the WWE stars were as kids, then he probably would be caught off guard, hoping certain clicks didn’t come through. Truth is, WWE detests such moments and will do anything possible to bury photos that will ruin mystery surrounding their stars characters. once in a while it’s funny and other instances just embarrassing. However, these guys were once kids and nothing breaks kayfabe like a braces-lit smile, or perhaps that embarrassing pictures right out of the excessive school yearbook.

Here are 10 snapshots of WWE stars during their youthful misadventures that Vince will go any length possible to erase.

1  – The Rock

  • ·         One of the most successful wrestlers who has made his way to Hollywood. 
  • ·         Amazing performer both in ring and or in front of the mic.
  • ·         He was in some years back voicing for Disney movies.

There are only a few wrestlers which could come up toe to toe with the Rock when it comes to athletic prowess which is exactly this bewildered looking kid with an afro appear unreal. The Rock has a strong background in wrestling but a look at the boy in his red sweater seems like the very embodiment of childlike wonder. But The Rock will always be cherished by the people he entertained right from his time in the ring.

2  – Shawn Michaels

  • ·         A wrestler, entertainer, and athlete.
  • ·         He has won all WWE top titles including Royal Rumble and WWE Championship.
  • ·         Best known by many for is final decision kick in the ring on a match.

A good look at this photo of him as a kid points out that the boy will grow up to take part in “Montreal Screwjob”! Too cute to assume!

3 – John Cena

  • ·         The face of WWE
  • ·         The people’s guy with a remarkably good character and gimmick.
  • ·         Loved for his style and technique in the ring.

Who knew while those photographs had been taken that the little boy could eventually pass directly to become a WWE celebrity – John Cena. Although, it’s kind of difficult to take his key gesture seriously, thinking about he’s been doing that right from when he was 10.

4 – Rey Mysterio

  • ·         A masked wrestler.
  • ·         The best in stylish flaunt and techniques in the ring.
  • ·         He is also known as 619

Looking at this picture when Rey Mysterio was a child, one can just say he has that hopeful look from the beginning even though his physique and height was on his way at first.

5 – Charlotte

  • ·         Ric Flair’s daughter.
  • ·         Gimmicks and clever WWE character.

Charlotte is a celeb and a proponent of fitness and well-being, something she carries with an awesome bodily form. Charlotte looks haven’t changed that much compared to when she was a kid. The rare photograph gives a sense of realism to her and that she too is someone with past and youth!

6  – Roman Reigns

  • ·         The golden boy.

This photo of Roman is nice and cute but far from the type of exposure WWE is looking for! He once fought under the influence which isn’t just immature but also embarrassing for the WWE management. What if this baby snapshots of Roman broke Kayfabe even further! How will you likely sense anything not cool from this amazing kid and with that pout?


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