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10 Of The Richest Politicians In Nigeria 2019

In some many countries, there are Politicians that are actually richer than their country. In Nigeria, these politicians are well known and popular all over the world. Well, not all of them are known. Few of them are known for the good works they have actually done and some are known for other things we can not disclose about.

The politicians in Nigeria are actually richer than they look or appear. Looking at most of the politicians you might think they don’t worth much until you take a good look at them and know where they really stay. Most of them don’t have a permanent house in Nigeria. Without wasting much of your time with talks that may bore you, let’s go down to the 10 richest Politicians we Nigeria you didn’t know about.

10. Adamu Mu’Azu

This politician worth more than he looks here. He was once a Governor of Bauchi State when we were in power in 1999 to May 2007. There was a lot of controversies when we wanted to rule again. Many people opposed him and he was not successful at what he was planning for. His wealth is one thing many people are not sure of but when we did our researches we found out, his worth at least $895 million.

9. Rotimi Amaechi

Here is another man who is really known for his good works when he was Governor of Rivers State and slaved for two terms which were from May 2007 to May 2015 and he is currently the minister of Transportation now in Nigeria. This Politician new worth is still not yet properly calculated but he is reportedly worth $780 million.

8. Ifeanyi Ubah

This is one man who did not reply all or put all his time into Politics. But before he went into politics he was said to make his first Million at the age of 19, he is an outstanding man and it is said to be that he may be the new Governor of Anambra State soon.  He’s a Businessman and does not play with his business, his investment includes a real estate company, a spare part company, a football team, a transportation company, and an oil and gas company. His net worth is about $1.7 billion.

7. Dino Melaye

Dino Melaye is one of the outstanding politicians in Nigeria. Although his currently under the EFCC custody. He has held a position in different political levels in Nigeria. And he has been upset with how the Nigerian Politics is been run, that’s how he got the name “ Mr. fix it. He’s reportedly worth $802 million with the different set of cars and motorcycles he owns.

6. Bola Tinubu

This man is popularly known for his peaceful nature. He was born on 29 March 1952 in the city of Lagos and was a senator still late 1993. Later on, he became the Governor of Lagos State on 29 May 1999 to 29 May 2007. He’s currently worth $1.5 billion.

5. Atiku Abubakar

A very popular and well known former vice president of Nigeria, he was the vice president and slaved under former president of Nigeria Obasanjo. He first started out as a businessman owning an Estate company. And he founded Nigerian University of Nigeria(NUA). He is currently campaigning and wants to run for the presidential seat. His worth is reported to be $1.4 billion.

4. Ben Murray-Bruce

One of the most popular and well know politicians in Nigeria. He’s known as a very peaceful man. Many Nigerians believe he not really a Nigerian man, because of his looks and color. His one of the best motivational speakers we have in Nigeria. His very social and his known for his company “ Silverbird Group”. His net worth is reportedly $715 million.

3. Rochas Okorocha

The current Governor of Imo state and a very popular Governor at that. He got into the governor office in 2011 and when his terms were over he was re-elected in 2015. He’s a very successful businessman who owns a motor company called “Rochas  Motors” and a real estate. He’s known as one of the richest Governors in Nigeria and well respected. His net is worth is well more than what we are going to show you. He’s worth $1.5 billion.

2. Olusegun Obasanjo

Obasanjo is a very popular man both in Nigerian, Africa, and the United States. He was in power when the military was still in control in Nigeria. When Nigeria became a Democracy Country he was elected as the first Democratic President in Nigeria from 1999 to 2007. His popularly known by his nickname “OBJ”. Obasanjo owns much investment and a very rich and successful man, one of his investments is Gigantic Otta Farms, his reported worth $1.6 billion or more.

1. Ibrahim Babangida

One of the strongest man in Nigeria, and a very well known man. His popularly known by his nickname IBB. He was a very strict man when he was in the military and was known to be very serious about everything. He owns a lot of investments, which we cannot disclose here. He’s known to have one of the most expensive Houses in Africa, not Nigeria. His reported worth $50 billion.


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