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Nigerians Top 10 Richest Men 2019

Indeed, Nigeria has continued to be Africa’s largest economy yearly and seemingly, this confirms the fact that the West African countries experience recurring increment in economic development. In the meantime, this positive economic growth can be accredited to the enormous population confined in Nigeria. Meaningfully, some demographic studies imply that a country endowed with immense population is likely to produce a huge number of residents.

Ever questioned who is the richest man in Nigeria 2019, well, fortunately, Nigeria happens to be the most populated African country and rationally, we can settle that this reason is what differentiates the country as the largest economy in Africa.

Without deviating any longer, this post is essentially designed at edifying the general audience on Forbe’s latest ranking regarding the richest men in Nigeria. Relatively, a few may assume the names of Nigeria’s richest men are previously known since these personalities have appeared yearly.

Nevertheless, it is seemingly remarkable that all these Nigerians have experienced swelling wealth as they persevere strongly on the business sector. In that case, some of them have evacuated some others and probably, you shouldn’t be astonished if you discover that a firm personality who formerly held the 4th choice now assumes the 6th position on the list.

To conclude, Underneath are the richest Nigerian billionaires whose extravagant net worth will surely fascinate you.

Aliko Dangote NET WORTH – $10. Billion.

Aliko Dangote increases up his enormous wealth as the richest man in Nigeria, The richest man in Africa and the richest black man in the world. He attained his vast wealth from his Dangote Group -a great company with affiliates specifying in real estate, commodities, telecommunications and lots more.

The Dangote Group sustain its fame by allocating products including salt, cement, sugar, etc. Across and beyond Africa.

Mike Adenuga NET WORTH – $ 5.1 Billion.

However, the prime percentage of his wealth debatably comes from the telecom business, Mike Adenuga amplifies his business engrossment as the originator and owner of ConOil. Presently, his net worth floats around $5.1 billion.

Prime Arthur Eze NET WORTH – $ 4 Billion.

Prince Arthur Eze is not only a significant man but also one of the richest billionaires hailing from the South East. His wealth has been preferred by continuous surges due to his distinguished status as the chairman, originator, and owner of Atlas Petroleum International Limited – Africa’s biggest owner of oil exploration blocks.

Prince Arthur Eze is professed with some net worth valued in surplus of $4 billion and Presently, his oil & gas business – Atlas Oranto petroleum – extents its business processes across African Countries including the Benin Republic, the Gambia, Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria.

Cletus M. Ibeto NET WORTH $ 3.7 Billion.

This eminent businessman is also one of the Trustworthy businessperson hailing from Nnewi- an Anambra region significantly reputable for having a substantial number of Nigerian billionaires who are south-Easterners.

Cletus Ibeto controls the industrial topography of Nnewi for being the leader of The Ibeto Group – the biggest business empire in Nnewi. Through the Ibeto Group, Cletus Ibeto sustains great taste for services as well as real estate, petrochemicals, spare part for motor vehicles, hospitality, energy, and cement production.

Benedict Peters NET WORTH $ 2. 7 Billion.

Benedict Peters began spinning into eminence beginning from the early ’90s while associating with significant businessmen such as Onajite Okoloko, Mofe Boyo, Wale Tinubu and Sayyu Dantata (a relative of Aliko Dangote).

Benedict Peters is related with business affluence and accordingly, he has recognized himself as the deputy chairman and founding father of Aiteo Group.

Jim Ovia NET WORTH $ 2. 3 Billion.

Jim Ovia is an eminent Igbo man who has gotten great acknowledgment through business success. He engrosses in several business activities, mainly as an investor. In this respect, he occupies an enormous share in Visafone – One of Nigeria’s telecom companies.

Besides his commercial involvement, which focuses on real estate and several other services, Jim Ovia sustains great fame as the founding founder of Zenith Bank -one of the top Nigerians Banks. Through the influence of his fruitful business involvement.

Theophilus Danjuma NET WORTH – $1.8 Billion

However, he receives massive income from his present petroleum business, Theophilus Danjuma is thought to have gathered the largest portion of his wealth throughout his military role within the Nigerian Army. For a period 4 year (1975-1979), Theophilus aided as the chief of Army Staff of the Nigerian Army.

As part of his distinguished presence within the nation’s group of petroleum dealers, he happens to be the chairman of South Atlantic Petroleum.

Tony Elumelu NET WORTH $1.6 Billion

He is a very influential Nigerian and business mogul hailing from the South East. He is greatly applauded for his compassionate course as a philanthropist. In preceding times, he served as the chairman of UBA (United Bank for Africa) but definitely, his wealth flows through his own possession of a well-known company named Transcorp and Heirs Holding.

In gratitude of his noteworthy efforts, specifically his philanthropic course, he was once conferred with an admired Nigerian title popularly known as CON (commander of the order of the Niger).

Abdulsamad Rabiu NET WORTH $1.5 Billion

He is unarguably one of the richest Hausa indigenes in the country. In the meantime, he upholds his wealthy presence as the manager of the BUA Group -one of Nigeria’s biggest flour mills. His wealth is mainly accredited to the BUA Group which concentrates in the management of ports and terminals together with sugar refining and production of flour.

Igho Sanomi NET WORTH $1.3 Billion

Alleged to have sneaked into Nigeria’s guild of billionaires at a young age, he makes a great influence on the business division as the owner and founding father of Televeras Group, a multinational business that proposes services straddling across construction, trading, energy, and power.

He solidifies his business empire and merged as one of the youngest Nigerians dominating the private sector. Meanwhile, he has an obvious taste for business activities including aviation, oil, telecommunications, real estate and maritime.



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