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Top 10 Richest Countries In The World 2019

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a report of evaluation based on the normal value of GDP per Capita level of numerous countries in the world at large. The Gross Domestic Profit (GDP) is considered an important index in determining the wealth of a nation.

This article contains the list of top 10 richest countries in the world based on their present GDP compiled accurately and carefully.

10. Australia GDP Per Capita -$46,790

Australia like you all know is one of the continents on the globe and has Canberra Inland as its national Capital. It has places like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide to beautify it and with all these features it is also blessed with rare species animal like the Kangaroo, the Great Barrier Reef, the Opera House (situated in Sidney), and a large desert known as Outback.

In the year 2013, the country had a total of 23.13 million people in the nation making up its general population, though the GDP as at then was assessed at $1.56 trillion.

Australia is well known for its mixed market Economic scheme amongst other countries in the world, having its attention of the service sector which accounts for 68% of the country’s general GDP. Presently, the country’s GDP Per Capita is sited approximately at $46,790.

9. Denmark GDP Per Capita -$49,496

Denmark is known for having beautiful islands in its inhabitant and the famous Jutland Peninsula. Having Sweden as its neighboring country – coming to a close which the Oresund Bridge.

The country is known for its numerous tourist magnetism of which the best part can be found in Copenhagen (the nation’s Capital city), an amusement park situated in Tivoli, the delightful Nyhavn harbor, and significantly, the ‘’Little Mermaid’’ statue. In the year 2013, the gathered population assessed revealed that a total of 5.614 million people summed up Denmark’s population which aided their increase in total GDP at $335.9 Billion.

Denmark recorded a total of 6.3% rate of unemployment in the year 2015. The country’s economy is based solely on human potential but asides that, it has quite a number of admired natural resources such as highly developed gas and oil wells around the North Sea.

Denmark has achieved incredible standards which can be mainly detected from the country’s widespread plans for public welfare. Its commercial industry, vastly mechanical farming, high reliance on global trade and sustainable standards of living has helped increase its GDP Per Capita Level.

8. Iceland GDP Per Capita -$51,399

Well known for its fascinating natural features which include hot springs, geysers, lava field, and volcanoes. In accord with the population statistics collated in the year 2013, the country had a grand total of 323, 002 people as its general population. Iceland has proclaimed a 4.3% rate of unemployment with a total of $12.3 billion as its general GDP in the year.

The economic system practiced by Iceland is a small scale and as mainly detected, it is vulnerable to a high occurrence of variations. Nevertheless, the mixed economic system practiced has paved way for state interference and enlarged its level of free trade.

7. United States GDP Per Capita – $57,467

The United State like we all know is the most powerful nations of the world with approximately 50 states under its control, a nation well known for its population with a huge land mass having Washington DC as its capital state.

America has New York as one of its bulbous state – a global hub for financial and cultural activities. Nevertheless, New York is regarded as the chief Atlantic Coast City of the United States of America.

Chicago is situated in the mid-west region – a metropolitan center esteemed for its remarkable architecture that inspires global interest. As of 2013, the estimated number of populations was a total of 316.5 million. Meanwhile, its current GDP is a $57,467.

6. Norway GDP Per Capita – $59,302

Norway having Olso as its major city – conserved Vikings ship for the 9th century. Similarly, the city is regarded as the home of beautiful museums and a massive number of green meadows. Aside from the capital city (Oslo), Bergen is another bulbous Norwegian city and it is broadly valued for its sphere of activities such as fishing, hiking, skiing. Similarly, it aids as the preliminary point for voyages.

Norway was proclaimed with a population total of 5.084 million in the year 2013, also related with an immense sum of $512.6 billion as its GDP and a total of 4.1% rate of unemployment in the year 2015. Notably, Norway’s economy has continually sustained a considerable growth rate starting from the inauguration of industrialization.

5. Switzerland GDP Per Capita – $62,882

With its banking and financial sector, this country has become one of the most successful countries on the globe. This country is well recognized for its production of chocolates and watches and in the year 2013, they recorded about 8.081 million persons as their general population as well as $685.4 billion as its general GDP.

The Swiss economy has upheld remarkable stability which makes them one of the best global economies. A countless number of foreign investors have seen the country as the best opportunity for them to enlarge their investment which has apparently caused a system of political balance practiced by the government.

Industry and trade are regarded as the important reasons behind economic nourishment. In the meantime, this is caused as a result of strong concentration in the labor sector and the minor land mass of the country.

4. Ireland GDP Per Capita – $68,883

This country occupies the largest share of islands in the Republic of Ireland apart from the coastal regions of England and Wales -having Dublin as its capital city.

Famously called the ‘’Emerald Isle’’ specifically for some of its amazing natural features like its flourishing topography. Beautifully decorated with ancient Cahir Castle. In the year 2013, Ireland had a total of 4.595 million occupants as its general population and a GDP of $32.1 billion.

Ireland preserves an efficient economic system with its major focus on industry, trade, investment, and technology-oriented industries.  The country has recorded a maximum level of growth in its economy over a period of 12 years, that is, from 1995-2007.

3.  Singapore GDP Per Capita – $87,856

The country Singapore can be located in the Southern region of Malaysia surrounded by waters. Singapore is branded by diverse cultures with a tropical atmospheric condition inclusive.

Singapore recorded a total of 5.399 million inhabitants as its overall population in the year 2013 and was esteemed at about $297.9 billion. The country is known for its low rate of corruption and leaves it as the most visited center for financial activities.

Economically, the country upholds a socialist economy with an equal and prearranged trade system. All over the world, Singapore is well known for its socialist economy and is regarded as the most open economic system with no acceptance for corruption with a low taxation rate.

2. Luxembourg GDP Per Capita – $105,882

This is one of the countries found in the European continent surrounded with other countries like Belgium, France, and Germany. Also known for its massive deposit of rocky gorges. It also has a variety of nature parks found together with the thick Ardennes forest in the Northern region, also its home to the Moselle River Valley.

In the year 2013, a total of 543,202 was recorded as the general population of the country. Also, having a total of $60.13 billion as its general GDP in the year 2013 with an estimate of 5.7% rate of unemployment in the year 2015.

The economic nourishment is mainly reliant on several sectors including banking, steel, and steel. According to the tourist part of literature, it is suitably referred to as the ‘’Green Heart of Literature’’.

1. Qatar GDP Per Capita – $127, 523 

Known as one of the Arabian Country and has its terrain span across deserts – also blessed with an extended Persian Gulf seashore and drifted sands.

 Located along the coastal region of Qatar is Doha which is also known as the capital city of the country. Doha is famous for its gorgeous modern architectural structures designed with old-fashioned Islamic patterns, a good example of this being the museum of Islamic Art.

Qatar recorded a total of 2.169 million persons as its general population in the year 2013 and a total of $203.2 billion as its GDP. The biggest share of economic returns comes from natural resources like petroleum and gas which made up a total of 70% revenue created by the Qatari government.  


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