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Top 10 Richest Nollywood Actors 2019

Nollywood is a multi-million-naira industry and certainly ranking one of the biggest in the world, essentially it is the third largest. Some gifted actors have found recognition and money through the Nigeria film industry.

Nigeria has given birth to some prodigious actors and actress over the years, many of who have gone on to star in horror, dramas, comedies and lots more.

It might be of your interest who has ranked top 10 in the richest list of Nollywood actors in the year 2019, get even more surprised at their net worth.

  Richard Mofe Damijo NET WORTH -$15 Million.

Richard Mofe Damijo is an experienced Nollywood actor who has been included in many blockbuster movies. He also does voice over for radio and TV adverts. He has signed some appealing deals for different companies and he is a former commissioner for culture and tourism in Delta State.

       Desmond Elliot NET WORTH – $10 Million.

Desmond Elliot is a top Nollywood actor and film director who also has featured and directed many Nollywood films. He went into politics in the year 2014. Desmond Elliot is making money from different sources which include acting, directing, endorsements and politics. He contested and won 0ver the Surulere constituency in the month of April 11, 2015, Nigeria General Elections.

       Jim Iyke NET WORTH- $8.0 Million.

Jim Iyke is a businessman and an amazing actor. He came into action in the year 2001. He has a bottling company called ‘’Burgeon Table Water’’, a clothing line named ‘’Untamed Closet’’ and also the presiding founder of the Jim Iyke Foundation for children with special disabilities.

        Chidi Mokeme NET WORTH -$7.0 Million

This Nigerian actor models and host TV shows came into the film industry in the year 1995 and has been successful in his chosen career. The journey to his fame began when he hosted the one-time popular Nigerian Reality TV show, Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) seasons one and two and has continued to be successful.

       Segun Arinze NET WORTH -$5.1 million

This Nigerian actor is involved in a lot of thing in the entertainment industry, aside from acting, he is a singer, producer, director, scriptwriter and does voice over for radio and TV commercials. Also known as ‘’Nollywood’s bad boy’’. In the early 90s, he became famous for the popular Nigeria soap opera named ‘’Ripples’’ and has continued to be successful.

       Mike Ezurounye NET WORTH – $ 4.7 Million.

This Nollywood’s sweetheart was a banker before he ventured into acting. The movie ‘’Broken Marriage’’ was his first ever movie which came to the limelight of the in the film industry. He has also featured in a lot of movies and signed many endorsement deals of which Glo telecommunication company and Airtel are one of them.

       Ramsey Noah NET WORTH – $ 4.5 Million.

Known for his romantic acting skills is a Nigerian actor named Ramsey Noah. He came into action in the year 1993, Loved by viewers and producers earned him more cast in the film industry. Regarded as ‘’Nollywood Lover Boy’’. He has and is still making a lot of money for himself.

         John Okafor NET WORTH – $4.2 Million.

In the year 2004, John Okafor popularly called Mr. Ibu came into the movie industry when he stared in a comic movie called ‘’ Mr. Ibu which boosted his career and gave him fame. Known for his humorous roles makes him a preferred choice and stands out amongst his colleagues, featured in so many comic movies and is ranking in the top 10 richest Nollywood stars.

       Nkem Owoh NET WORTH – $ 3.9 Million

Started acting comic movies in the year 1980, featured in Nigerian popular comedy TV series ‘’Things fall apart’’ and ‘’New Masquerade’’ in the 80s. Also, gain fame when he stared in the movie ‘’Taboo’’, ‘’Ukwa’’, A fool at 40, Ghana must go, Mr. Trouble, Spanner, Osuofia in London and a list too numerous to mention.

Pete Edochie NET WORTH – $3.8 million

He was once a broadcaster at the Eastern Nigerian Broadcasting corporation before became an actor. He came into action in the year 1980 with a leading role as Okonkwo in ‘’Things Fall Apart’’, he became a successful actor afterward and won numerous significant awards.




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