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Top 10 Richest States In Nigeria And Their GDP 2019

Nigeria is gifted with lots of natural abilities. This differentiates the country as the leading African giant. In the meantime, the country couldn’t have accumulated boundless wealth without the support of its states. In Nigeria, there are 36 independent States with a solitary Federal Capital Territory (Abuja). Subsequently, this piece is centered on the Top 10 Richest states in Nigeria for 2019.

In addition, it is always debatable when deliberations are held about the richest states in Nigeria. Though, economic indexes such as per capita income (which measures the average of living) and (GDP) Gross Domestic Product [which measure the total capacity of production] have made it possible to ascertain the richest Nigerian States.

Are you a citizen of Nigeria, seeking to know where your state falls in the ranking of top richest states, look no further, in this article is a list carefully compelled to help you with the information you seek.

10. Kaduna GDP $10.334 Billion

Kaduna is among the states in Nigeria’s North Central Zone with a landform of 46, 053 square kilometers. In inhabitants, the state has a total 0f 6.1 million residents. Kaduna establishes the Nigerian states with various ethnic groups. As regards its economic Values, the North Central State has a per capita level of $1,666.

9.  Ogun State GDP $10.470 Billion

The State is the third richest state in Nigeria today, positioned in the South Western Zone. The landform of the state springs across 16,980 square kilometers through a total of 4 million residents make up its population.

As a commercial center, Ogun state is clearly one of the Nigerian states with the uppermost number of factories. Among the well-known factories, it houses are Dangote cement, Ga, Ble, Procter, cables, Coleman, and Lafarge.

In the interior of the southwest, Ogun State conserves fair economic standard with an estimated per capita level of $2,744.

8. Akwa Ibom State GDP $ 11. 179 Billion

Akwa Ibom state is one of the southern states positioned along the coastline. It inhabits a total of 5.5 million persons in population and its land mass spreads across 7, 081 square kilometers. The state is hallowed with a number of ethnic backgrounds majorly including Obolo, Oron, Ibibio, Annang, and Eket.

As per economic values, Awka Ibom State has a per capita level of $ 2, 779.

7.  Edo State GDP $ 11.888 Billion

This is another State in the South Southern Zone in Nigeria. The state inhabits a total of 17,082 square kilometers in land mass. Equally, it makes up a total of 3.5 million persons out of Nigeria’s entire population. As one of the richest Nigeria States -principally in the Southern region – Edo state has fair economic values estimated at $3.623.

6. Kano State GDP $ 12. 393 Billion.

Situated in the North-Western Zone is Kano State, the richest state in the Northern region of Nigeria. The State accounts for 20, 131 square kilometers out of Nigeria’s complete land span. In the meantime, this categorizes it as one of the largest states in the county. Observed as the most populated Northern state, Kano state inhabits a population of 11 million people.

With respects its economic values, Kano state has a per capita level of $1,288 while its total GDP is assessed at $12. 393 billion. As part of its noteworthy topographies, Kano state is famous as a commercial center attached with its major production of hides and skins. Also, the Northern state has a massive capacity of sesame, garlic, gum Arabic, chili pepper, soybean, and cotton.

5.   Imo State GDP $14.212 Billion

Imo State is noteworthy as the richest state in the South Eastern Zone of Nigeria. Nevertheless, Imo State is one of the richest Nigerian States in terms of infrastructural expansion and economic revenues, it remains one of the Nigerian States with a minimum span of land.

Just like a number of other southern states, Imo State is gifted with some land span that its rich possessions include crude oil, natural gas, zinc, lead, white clay, fine sand, and limestone. As a commercial center, the state houses numerous oil companies including Royal Dutch Shell, Agip, Addax Petroleum and Chevron Corporation.

In landform, the state shelters 5, 530 square kilometers while in the feature of economic values, the state’s per capita level floats around $3, 527.

4.  Oyo State GDP $ 16. 121 Billion.

Oyo State is positioned in Nigeria’s southwestern zone and is the fourth richest Nigerian State in that Zone, making up a reasonable inhabitant of 6 million people out of Nigeria’s total population. Similarly, it vaunts of a large landform which accounts for 28, 454square kilometers.

Oyo State is extremely notable as one of the southwestern states which embrace agriculture. In this respect, the state houses lots of agricultural harvest including cocoa, plantain, rice, millet, cashew, cassava, yam, and maize.

In the economic aspect, Oyo state has a total of $2, 666 for its per capita level.

3.  Delta State GDP $16. 749 Billion.

Also, from the south southern zone of the country. Delta State makes up a combine inhabitant of 4.1 million persons out of Nigeria’s total population. In the aspect of landform, the state equally stretches up to 17, 689 square kilometers.

Inaudible, Delta state is one of the southern states with the largest sums of natural endowment such as tar sand, kaolin, lignite, limestone, silica, industrial clay and lots more. Economically, Delta has a total of $3, 990 as per capital level.

2. Rivers State GDP $ 21. 073 Billion.

Located in the south southern zone of the country. Like numerous zones, Rivers State is paltry in a population with a total of 5.2 million persons who are found in it.

River yields massive returns mostly as it aids as Nigeria’s largest deposit of crude oil- accounting for over 60% of the country’s total capacity of crude oil and natural gas.

Based on its economic average, river state has a per capita level assessed at $3, 965 and has its landform stretched across 11, 077 square kilometers.

1.  Lagos State GDP $ 33. 679 Billion.

It is never a wonder that Lagos State is Nigeria’s richest state. Seeing its splendid revolution into a megacity, Lagos State embraces the best infrastructural facilities Nigeria boasts of.

Located in the southwestern zone of the country, Lagos State has a paltry land mass extending up to 3,577 square kilometers. Notwithstanding its small landform, Lagos remains the most crowded Nigerian state with its total population of 18 million residents. Meaningfully, Lagos is Nigeria’s Major center for commercial activities. Likewise, the state vaunts of the best economic values within the country. In that case, it stands at $4,333 for its per capita level.  



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