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10 Mind Blowing Galaxy S10 Features You Won’t Find In Any iPhone

After several months of rumors and leaks that gave a little peep into the newly beefed-up Samsung devices, the curtains are now wildly open as Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, and Galaxy S10+ are now fully official. As usual, the leaks couldn’t paint a complete picture of the unveiled devices. However, our expectations were thrilled at the show of several amazing features about these new devices, here’s a list of 10 most exciting features.

Dynamic AMOLED screen

We hope you’re well seated for this one, else it’s going throw you off balance: The Dynamic AMOLED screens on the new Samsung Galaxy S10 family are the best smartphone screen displays on the earth.

However, knowing that Samsung produces one of the best smart screen displays and also supplies Apple with the OLED used on iPhone XS and iPhoneXS Max, it was not a forgotten conclusion that Galaxy S10 series would sport a far better screen than Apple it’s rival.

This smart phone screens are the first dynamic OLED screens in the industry and is the first smart phone display to get HDR10+ certification in the whole wild world. They are super clear!

Hole-punch cameras

This Samsung Galaxy series has the trending new hole-punch camera design.

In-display fingerprint sensor

Amost the series, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ has yet another super cool feature that many users will see as providing two major benefits over Apple’s current-generation iPhones.

Firstly, the fact that they even have fingerprint sensors is something you can’t say about any of the Apple’s iPhones from 2018. For now, Apple has ditched fingerprint  switched and sensors to Face ID. Certainly, that could change at some point in the future, but for now, there are no new iPhones with  fingerprint scanners.

Beyond having a fingerprint scanner, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ has really cool new in-display fingerprint sensors that don’t take up any extra space at front or back of the device since they’re embedded beneath the phone screen. All you need do is to touch the phone screen in a specific spot to unlock the phone, authenticate a mobile payment or open a secure app.

Triple-lens camera

On Apple latest iPhone, the dual-lens camera models is very impressive, but it’s not the best in the business. Samsung new triple-lens camera on the Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 combines a Dual Pixel 12-megapixel lens and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens together with a 16-megapixel ultra-wide lens for depth mapping. Bam!

Fast Wireless Charging 2.0

Apple is known to alway be ahead of the curve in many areas, but it’s falling really bad in others. One of such is its charging technology, iPhone fans are going to be beyond jealous over this point. Samsung’s wired fast charging tech is super quick, and allows you to add up hours of usage time with a quick 15-minute charge. Now, bigger thanks to the new Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 support, you can charge your Samsung Galaxy S10 just as faster with a wireless charger as you can with a wired charger.

Wireless PowerShare

This is a totally new feature added to the entire Galaxy S10 series that people are definitely going to more than appreciate. It’s called the “Wireless Powershare” and it does exactly as it sounds, allowing Galaxy S10 to share its power with other devices wirelessly.

Up to 1.5TB of storage

Samsung  offers the Galaxy S10 in several different storage tiers, with a massive 1TB tier on the Galaxy S10+. In addition, every Galaxy S10 model starting from S10e up to S10+ also includes microSDXC support, that means you can add as much as 512GB of storage if you wish.

Up to 12GB of RAM

It’s a clear fact that Android devices with bigger RAM size are often faster and smoother than those phones with less RAM, but iPhones have only 3GB of RAM, yet they regularly completely obliterate the competition from Android in key benchmark tests. But look, the top-tier Samsung’s new Galaxy S10+ has a whopping 12GB of Ram. Mind blowing!

AI app prediction

Samsung has cooked a bunch of nifty brand new AI features into the Galaxy S10 series.

Galaxy S10 has features that learn some user patterns, such as the times they tend to open or use certain apps each day. Once this patterns are identified, apps would be loaded automatically in the background at specific times each day before the user will open them. Thereby making Apps launch much quicker.


Whether or not it’s usable anytime soon, the point is that Apple doesn’t make a 5G phone but Samsung will launch another version of the Galaxy S10 with 5G network in the second quarter this year. Rumor has it that Apple has no plans to launch any iPhone model with 5G support until at least 2020.

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