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5 Meditation and Mindfulness Applications for Kids

Our kids are now busier than ever, therefore practicing mindfulness can help improve focus, memory and reduce their anxiety, It could also help make falling asleep easier, research suggests. Hence, these apps will chill out your kids and help teach the basics of meditation.

1. Headspace for Kids

This popular adult mindfulness app now has a kids’ version with a series of breathing exercises, visualization and meditations which are grouped into five categories: calm, kindness, focus, sleep, and wake-up. Choose the one that best suits your kid’s needs.

2. Mindfulness for Children

This was developed by a Danish psychologist, an audio-only app offers some easy-to-follow breathing exercises for your child to use any time he’s feeling stressed. Other activities such as the body scan should help him relax, and soothing nature sounds can help fall asleep.

3. Thrive Global

Here’s yet another skill set from Amazon Echo. If your child needs help quieting his mind during the day times, he can say, “Alexa, open Thrive” and seek for a meditation. At nights when he can’t fall asleep, a “power down” will do the magic—and keep screens away from the bedroom.

4. Smiling Mind

This application offers mindfulness sessions which was developed by a team of psychologists, it starts with a quick series of questions to keep the mind focused followed by some, easy-to-follow meditation exercises.

5. Sleep Meditations for Kids

This is a perfect application to incorporate into your bedtime routine. It has four bedtime stories which are transformed into guided meditations crafted to promote contentment and relaxation.

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