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Apple Bans Google Apps After Banning Facebook

Apple is one of the biggest mobile tech companies owning a good 8% of the mobile market worldwide with other Tech giant wanting to add their platform and apps into the Apple Smartphone. But we all know that Apple is one company who takes security very seriously and do not mind who break the rules.

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Following the report of the security experts in Apple, they discovered that Facebook had an app which allows users permission, that is the Smartphone users actually gives Facebook the permission to spy on them and know about what they are doing on their Smartphones, following with their text messages, phone contacts etc. Facebook actually apologize for what they did and block the app from the IOS Smartphone, but Apple did not see that as a joke and did not accept any form of apology, as a result of this single act Apple ban Facebook Developer Certificate from the IOS Smartphone means Facebook does not have any right to Apple’s Smartphone again.

After 48 hours of doing this to Facebook, Apple found out that Google also has the same type of app on the Apple Smartphone device. Google also apologize for this and block the app, but Apple did not take any apologies from Google either. Apple went ahead to ban Google Developer Certificate from their System. Which means you won’t be able to use any of the Google apps on Apple Smartphone again.

Report from users said: “ they woke up this morning to find out that Google mail (Gmail), Google Hangout and so many other Google apps were not working anymore”

This is a warning to other tech companies, the Apple company take their rules seriously and will take care of anybody who goes against the rules pass by the Apple Company.


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