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Apple Put Out iPhone X models At $769 After Refurbishment

Everyone knows that the iPhone is one of the most expensive Smartphones in the world to buy for self-use. Many people really want to make use of an iPhone but they are been discourage by the price they see but this company is one of the richest companies in the mobile tech industry next to Samsung.

Well, good news for you if you want to get an iPhone with a dual camera and OLED display but would rather not spend your money on an iPhone XS. Now you can experience the goodness of an iPhone XS on an iPhone X. You can get this at $769 (£769) for 64GB of storage and $899 (£899) for its 256GB counterpart.

Yeah, I know it’s still at a high price but at least it’s cheaper than an iPhone XS, imagine using an iPhone X and another person using an iPhone XS and you can experience the Joy and the features. 

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