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Facebook Messenger Finally Gets An Unsend Feature For Both IOS And Android

Have you ever sent a message on your Smartphone to a friend or a family member and you discovered you made a lot of mistakes while sending that text? Well, I have come across that issue too.

Early last year WhatsApp introduced to its users’ this delete feature does not only delete the message from your home it also deletes the message from the receiver’s phone. I know it really sounds cool. When this feature came out for WhatsApp, I was wondering when Facebook will add this feature to their messenger app. And today is the day.

After a long promise made by Facebook to add the delete feature in Facebook Messenger, they finally agreed to do it. It was gathered that this feature has been on Facebook for long now, but it is not permitted to be used by Facebook users’.

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s revoke this feature from the Facebook users’. It was reported by some of the workers on Facebook that some of the messages sent from Mark Zuckerberg’s was nowhere to be found after sending and been received and read.

After knowing that Mark Zuckerberg’s could delete messages he sent using Facebook Messenger and an average user can’t, they called out Facebook to provide an equal right to users’ also.

Now Facebook has added an un-send feature on Facebook Messenger that will ask the user if he/ she wants to Remove for you or Remove for Everyone. When you choose to remove for Everyone a message will be sent to the receiver saying “ This Message was Deleted”.

I know having this feature is one of the things that will make Facebook Messenger experience more fun and interesting. Although this feature is already available on WhatsApp, not everybody wants to use WhatsApp although WhatsApp is a free Messaging app you still need Data to send Messages, Facebook Messenger gives you right to send Messages when there is no data available at that moment.


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