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Firefox To Disable Autoplaying Of Videos By Next Month

Firefox is one of the most popularly used browsers in the world, knowing it has its own beta testers not that other browsers don’t have their own beta version testers, but Firefox is the most loved browser to many people.

We all know about the auto-playing of videos on browsers when you move your mouse to a video or passed the video or any event of the mouse towards the video will auto play the video. This is mostly known with YouTube videos. Yeah, so many people do not actually want to watch a particular video but because they moved their mouse close or towards a video then the video plays, this cause consumption of a lot of data which many people don’t have for browsing.

Well, Firefox is not the first browser to disable this feature from their browser, Google did same to Chrome last year but they did not ban it as Firefox is planning to do next month. Well, Firefox will disable this feature if the user did not give permission for it to play videos automatically. For this, they will only mute the videos unless the user clicks on the play button so the video will play.

Firefox is set to add this to their newest version release which will be currently scheduled for March 19th. 


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