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First Ever 1 Terabytes SD Card Introduced

The relentless march of increasing storage capacities has further elevated today with the launch of the world’s first 1-terabyte microSD. Micron and Western Digital’s SanDisk brand launched the UHS-I microSDXC product respectively today at Mobile World Congress, this is good news for anyone looking forward to having the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 1TB internal storage size and thinking “what if the memory be doubled?”

Of both cards, Western Digital claims a performance advantage by citing up to 160MB/s read speed while Micron had 100MB/s. However, Micron card’s maximum write performance is 5MB/s faster at up to 95MB/s.

SanDisk’s card will be available from April for a token of $449.99, which is a fairly high convenience premium considering that the newly launched 512GB card in the same line is $199.99. The price for the Micron card has not been announced yet, but it’ll be available in the second quarter of this year.


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