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Gmail’s New Super White Redesign is Now Available for Update

The updated design of Gmail’s overly bright material is now available to Android users through an update button on  Google Play Store after announcing it earlier last month.

This update has new design elements like, the company’s Google Sans font type (aka “Pixel” font), the new search bar at the top of the display, and it removed the red menubar that used to be a prominent feature of the app. Google generally cleaned up the overall design a bit so that things look a little less busy.

The major change is that the app is now very bright. The absence of that red menubar at the top of the screen makes it very obvious that the rest of the display is now basically a solid white block of text. It’s even enough to make you want to reduce the brightness on your phone screen in some cases.

Despite the new changes, it’s still very much Gmail, and it should work as good as Gmail app always does. The update is available in playstore for all Android users today, and it should be available to all iOS users soonest.


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