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Guide on Getting More Traffic to Your Blog

Writing a post on your blog is only half the job. You definitely have to promote those posts in order to increase traffic to them. Here are some ways to do it.

Blogging gives an opportunity for your business to build brand awareness amongst your target audience as well as display your expertise.  By delivering consistent content, you surely improve your business’s SEO, as search engines such as Google rewards companies that publish content with great value. Blogging also improves SEO because you can widen your keyword coverage by creating contents around topics with high relevance to your target audience.

So, it is now clear that blogging is one of the best SEO tactics and an undeniable asset for marketing your brand, how then do you kick start? Here is an easy guide on how to launch and promote a blog for your business successfully.

1. Subscription CTAs

You will want to include a creative call-to-action that gives your website visitors the ability to subscribe to your blog and newsletter. You can add a push notifications sign-up form on your site, which will display in your visitors’ browser and cause them to opt into real-time notifications from your website. Whether you are announcing a new product launch, special offer, noteworthy news, or a freshly published post, push notification is a very simple way to building an audience of engaged followers with just a mere click of a button.

2. Social Media

To build your online presence includes leveraging on your social media communities to promote your blog contents. Share your articles on all social media platforms, using different catchy headlines and content images for each social media site to ensure your articles are uniqu and remain fresh. To optimize efficiency and save time, you should develop a content calendar to schedule your posting in advance.

3. Traffic Tagging

For every reference you use in your post, make ensure you tag those individuals or companies on your social media handles. When you share your blog post on social media, tag the tech expert and those individuals who authored the article — they’ll receive a notification about the tag and hopefully reshare the post with their own contacts, thereby expanding your visibility.

In additionally, create a Twitter stream to monitor those keywords connected with your articles. Adding your post to relevant conversations when possible will improve engagement and also help measure your success.

4. Paid Advertisements

Paid advertisements on social media is key strategy for promoting your website. Channels like Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, can help build brand awareness, increase traffic to your site, improve lead generation, and engage with your audience through comments.

When crafting out paid ads for Facebook or IG, you can either target users that previously engaged with your website, articles, or fan page, you can also design a greatly targeted campaign focused on new users who fall within a certain age group or who share the same kind of interests.

5. Community Promotion

There are some communities on various social platforms that can assist in promoting your blog. Here are some communities to leverage:

● Industry Influencers

● Facebook Groups

● LinkedIn Groups

● Promotional Services

6. Blogger Outreach

One of the best (free) ways to promote your content is to connect with other blog owners. Whether you both agree to swap contents, or they permit you to contribute as a guest writer, getting out your name on as many credible sources as possible will definitely enhance the engagements and traffic on your blog.

By employing some of the above tips, you’ll start growing your presence and making a better name for your brand.

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