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How I Got My Hourglass Figure Reveal By Princess Shyngle

The Popular Gambian Actress Princess Shyngle finally tells the world how she got her beautiful, sexy and hourglass bottle figure eight shape.

For a start I thought Princess Shyngle was a Ghanaian Actress, not knowing she was from Gambia, it’s not that I don’t like Gambians but she really looks like a Ghanaian Lady.

According to princess Shyngle she said: I had five ribs and a small intestine removed to get this beautiful and perfect body. She went on to say that she is planning to remove more ribs because ribs stand as no benefit for anybody.

When she said this, I went back to my days in Children department in Church when my Teacher told me that God removed a rib from Adam to make a woman. So she removing it now makes me confuse.

So five ribs were removed and five more ribs will be removed.

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