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I Have Been To A Club Said Ghanaian Actress, Martha Ankomah

You all remember this stunning Ghanaian actress, right? Well,
she has recently claimed she has never been to a night club. ‘’the only time I go
to the club is if it’s the location of the movie shoot’’ said Martha Ankomah
the Ghanaian actress.

Furthermore, the Ghanaian Martha Ankomah explained that her
inability to go to the club has yielded good results for her and most
importantly, helped her financially (helped her saved money).

She also went on to expose that she is from a Christian background
and has played an enormous role in her upbringing.

In her words ‘’you will have to attend Sunday school before
you eat rice and drink water. Being a Christian started from my childhood days
of which I have my mum and dad to thank for being a contributing factor.

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