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38 new Movies and TV shows from Netflix this February

In this month of February 2019, Netflix has stocked up plenty of new series, shows, and movies to give it’s viewers optimal entertainment. There’s a lot to get excited about in this month, including some fan-favorite movies like; Pretty in Pink, The 40-years-old virgin, Billy Elliot, Little Woman and lots more.

Of course, people mostly get excited about the original content headed to Netflix every month. Netflix definitely invests billions of dollar every year to create some of the best movies with great originality. Nonetheless, the investment is obviously paying off, and Netflix has bagged lots of awards for its originals.

The original contents newly added to Netflix is kick-starting today with two movies and four new TV series. One of the most earnestly awaited titles are definitely “Russian Doll” a comic with Natasha Lyonne where she had to relive her 36th birthday over and over again,  another is “Velvet Buzzsaw” a horror movie.

Here is the list of February schedule for Netflix original movies, shows and series.

Streaming February 1st

Streaming February 2nd

Streaming February 5th

Streaming February 8th

Streaming February 9th

Streaming February 10th

Streaming February 11th

Streaming February 14th

Streaming February 15th

Streaming February 21st

  • The Drug King– NETFLIX FILM

Streaming February 22nd

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