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Jumia’s MD Arrested by Police over Fraud Allegations

He only honoured the Police invitation, he was not detained—Jumia

Officers of the Nigerian Police Force, Lagos-Zone II, have arrested the Director general of Jumia Food, Guy Futa,  over an alleged act of fraudulence Conversion/diversion of funds by one of Jumia’s vendors, Castle Logistics Services Limited. A member of the anti-fraud unit, Adewumi Adegoke, Confirming his arrest, said that a court case of diversion of funds running over millions of naira was filed against Guy Futi and Jumia Food by Castle Logistics.

He said: “I can confirm that the Managing Director of Jumia Food was arrested and is in our custody. Investigations are ongoing on the allegations leveled against him and the company.”

Olukayode Kolawole, spokesperson for Jumia, however, said, Guy Futi only honoured the invitation of the police that he was not arrested.

He said: “Jumia Food MD neither misappropriated the company’s funds nor converted them for personal use.

“If this had happened, Jumia would have taken legal action against him and probably involved the press. I say, unequivocally, that Jumia Food MD was never involved in any fraudulent act.

“If truly this happened, why would Jumia cover up for him? Is an outside source more credible to tell an alleged story of fraud within Jumia than the company management? Again, there’s no basis for hiding an employee’s fraudulent act if truly the employee committed such an act. “Jumia has an outstanding court case against a vendor (3PL) partner, who owes the company and has refused to pay. It is on the basis of the court case filed against the vendor that Jumia Food MD, Guy Futi, was invited by the Police for questioning.

“Guy Futi was never detained by the Police. He was invited for questioning and left the station after the interrogation same day. The Police should provide physical evidence of him in detention or else the information you were supplied with was completely false and has malicious intent.

“A visit to the supposed station where he’s alleged to be waiting for bail will add so much credibility to your story.

“Guy Futi had not joined Jumia as an employee at the time the vendor’s debts started accumulating. He’s barely new at Jumia Food. The allegations are completely untrue and appear to be a cheap effort by a third party to distract the public from the main issue and malign Jumia’s image.”


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