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MTN N200 For 1gb For 7 Days And N1000 For 4gb For 1 Month

In a country like Nigeria data is life and in most other countries, but in few other countries they are not that worried about the internet just as we are worried in Nigeria. In some developed countries like Canada, the US and China and even North Korea are not bother about the internet.


In an article, I read last week the Chinese government is planning to build their own internet and break out from the internet we all are using today. According to the article, I read the internet will be only available for the people of China to use. This means it will be recruited only in the bindery of China.

But they said with time and more development the internet will be for any countries who want to use the internet. According to the article, the internet will be faster than the 4G LTE we all use today. And it is going to be cheap to use, which is the best part of it all. But according to the US Governments are saying that the Chinese Governments are looking for a way to spy on people in different countries. But this is what we are not sure of.

Now let’s stop all the long talk and get down to business, how to get 1gb for just N200 for 7 days, I know this is a little bit difficult to believe but it is true. Although MTN is known to be one of the Companies in Nigeria who are not friendly with Data. But this is true and I’m personally using it as we speak.

Follow the steps carefully below and you will get your Data.

Steps to get 1gb for N200

Step 1:

First, you need to be eligible for this plan, if you are not am sorry you won’t be able to use this data plan if you want to know what I did to get an MTN sim that was eligible, drop your comment.

Step 2:

To get this data, please also make sure you are on MTN Pluse and no other Prepaid plan except that, if you are not on this plan please migrate to the plan so it won’t stress you.

Step 3:

Now dial *131*65#, immediately you will see the various data plan, now at first make sure you don’t have any money or airtime on your sim, and choose any of those data plan you see there, follow the process and if you are told you are not eligible, don’t panic just yet. Just drop your comment below.

Note: You can do the N200 for 1gb 5 times to get 5gb of data but it will only last for one week, if you are the type of person who does not use up data like me, you can go for the N1000 for 4gb.

This is all you need to do to get your data. Please drop your comments if you face any issue and please follow our blog for more Update like this @ THEUPSPOT. Thank you.

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