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My First Experience On Board – Shared Nigerian Comedian Woli Agba

Trying hard to recall where you’ve seen this face? Stress no further, Ayobami Ajewole fondly called Woli Agba is one of Nigeria’s upcoming comedian with great potentials to explore on his journey to success. He had recently shared his first experience on board, here’s what he has to say.

‘’For me, it was an opportunity I couldn’t resist since it was my first time to travel out of the country and our destination was South Africa. Honestly, I had no idea one could use a flight from Lagos to Abuja’’.

“I kept a smiling face when the plane took off, but immediately the pilot announced that there was an issue with the plane, my smiling face suddenly changed. Immediately, a lot of things came through my mind like death but then I told God He hasn’t brought me here to die. Still, in my confused state, the pilot was somehow able to stabilize the plane and I felt a sense of relief.

Furthermore, he went on to say at some point he felt a pause in his career until he met a turn around.

‘’Relationship wise, I have been able to maintain a good and mutual balance between myself and my female fans. Highly respected by his fans especially the females – fondly calls him daddy. Significantly, he is happily married and focus on raising a good home. 

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