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Opera’s Returns With The Android VPN But As A Built-in Browser Feature

Early last year Opera came with a standalone version of a VPN browser for both Android and IOS Smartphones. But unfortunately it did not turn out as they expected and they had to shut down the app.

Now, they are back with the same VPN browser but this next it’s a built-in browser feature. According to the Opera Company using the feature will make it harder for websites or ISPs to track your internet usage, and Opera says that it will not log information that travels through the service.

They said it is better than the standalone version they brought in last year April. Although it’s still on a beta version and still under testing, the app will be released for both Android and IOS as soon as all features and all security checks are properly done.

The Company said they want to make sure the privacy of their users are not been given out to anybody, they went on to say using this browser will ensure your safety from hackers and trackers. Although not all companies allow their users to make use of VPN on their sites or devices. Google in another does not permit users to make VPN browsers on their search engine, and also Facebook has an algorithm that checks if any user is using any VPN to make use of Facebook and classify the user as a robot.

In another hand, this feature will be useful and also helpful. The Opera Company made sure you can choose from any continent of your choice to use the internet with. And the company also warned that using the VPN may cause some little effect to your internet speed, meaning your internet may run slow at a point.


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