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Former Actor And Now Politician Desmond Elliot Was Attack In Lagos By Hoodlums

It was reported yesterday by 3 pm when the election was going on that APC House of Assembly candidate Desmond Elliot was attacked and almost shot at that moment.

According to witnesses, they said Desmond Elliot was about leaving the polling unit where he went to cast his vote for the election.

They continued by saying he went straight into his car to drive home when hoodlums stopped his car and seem to be asking for money, and wanting to force him out of the car. The refuses of the politician made the hoodlums attack the car and wanting to hurt Desmond Elliot.

When this was spotted by Desmond Elliot supporters who came to vote, they quickly called law enforcement to the scene, in not less than a minute the police came in the rescued Desmond Elliot.

Immediately this happened the law enforcement advised INEC to make ease of the election process to avoid anymore attack.

Although investigations are still going on, many say the boys who attack the politician looked like street boys.


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