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Gmail’s Swipe Actions Finally Arrives On iOS Device

With its latest update, Gmail’s iOS app finally lets you modify what occurs when you swipe your email accounts. There are Five different commands which include marking them as read or unread, snoozing, archiving or deleting emails, marking archiving, or moving them to a different folder. You can also allocate dissimilar activities to left or right swipes.

Recently, the iOS app only permits users to archive or delete emails by swiping, and swiping in either direction serves the same function. The update comes as a fragment of a larger reform broadcasted by Google earlier this year, January precisely.

The functionality is accessible in the newest version of the Gmail app, which commenced yesterday, but could take just 15 days to be completely accessible to everybody, said Google.  Once downloaded, you can change what swiping does by going to the settings menu and selecting swipe actions that suit you better.

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