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Hot And Trending US Gadgets Available Here In Nigeria

With numerous gadgets and products coming to the market every day it is possible you haven’t seen or heard of them all. Today, at random, we will take a look at some US products which are new, trending, and available here in Nigeria.

SonicX Pro – Solution to numerous Dental Problems

Inappropriate mouth wash is mostly observed amongst people than people think which has caused more harm than good. Food particles left behind on the tooth and gum causes bacteria, yellow teeth, bad breath etc. To rightly avoid all these tooth problems, wash properly with the new SonicX Proand feel confident to smile.

EcoHeat – Heat a room in a minute

this new EcoHeat device is commanding a lot of attention and has certainly proven to be handy and useful during cold nights and seasons. It’s a much smaller and durable version of the standard heating unit we all love but without going through all the stress of installation and high cost that comes with it! All You have to do is plug it into a wall outlet, set the temperature, wash it regulate and warm your apartment as well as work its magic.

iTrack – Avoid Losses & Keep Your Car Safe

The new iTrack GPS CarTracker plugs into your cars analytic port and within few seconds provides back real-time updates alongside the tracking data. With this simple but powerful device, you can react within a few minutes to recover your stolen vehicle.

Mosquitron- 100% Non-Toxic Mosquito Catcher and Killer

This device uses clever harmless UV lights to attract the pests close enough and then a powerful vacuum automatically pulls them into a panel where they are dried to death.

With this device, you have absolutely no cause to be bothered about mosquitos as well as falling prey to all the health challenges that come with it.

Peeps Carbon Technology- Revolutionary Glasses Cleaner

The peeps eyeglasscleaner is designed precisely to enable the cleaning of regular eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses and lots more. It uses a special imperceptible carbon cleaning compound to securely and simply clean your glasses from slippery fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils.

HealthWatch- The Next Generation of Smartwatches

 All smartwatches don’t have to be delicate devices or have a short battery lifespan. Healthwatch reimages how a ‘’smartwatch’’looks and feels. It has a 33-month battery lifespan with the same ability as any other smartwatch.

DroneX Pro – Selfie Drone for a fraction of the cost

Always been concerned about drones but don’t know where to start? This is the perfect novice entrance to its world. Unlike those big (and super expensive) ones that need a backpack (big) just to hold it, this is almost the same size as your smartphone.

CoolAir – The Modern Air Conditioning Unit

This new Air-cooling device is receiving a lot of consideration. Due to its durability, it is most preferred over the bigger and standard and  Air-condition. To use this New Air Condition unit, all you have to do is very simple, fill up the internal tank with water, plug it to a USB port like a wall outlet or a power bank. It takes little or no time to cool once it turned on. This is efficient, durable and reliable.


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