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Huawei With Collaboration With Gentle Monster Is Releasing Smart Glasses

Huawei is one of the biggest and growing mobile tech company in the world one is one of the Smartphone companies that are leading the market when it comes to Android not IOS devices which is owned by Apple.

In the Huawei P30 Pro launch today the company revealed that they will be releasing their first new set of smart glasses with the partnership of Korean Fashion Brand Gentle Monster Glass.

This is going to be a big breakthrough as many people say. Gentle Monster Glass is one of the biggest fashion companies in Asia, they have been known for creating lovely and beautiful glasses. Partnering with Huawei to produce a smart glass will make the business grow more. This smart glass does not come with any camera, which will make users see with the glasses as a normal sunglass so they won’t stress their eyes.

The features for the smart glasses are: “Users can tap the temple of the glasses to answer calls through the dual mics and speakers as well as access the voice assistant. The glasses are IP67 dust and water-resistant. These are a few features that were said today. Knowing that price for the smart glasses has not been said yet.


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