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Millions Of People With Poor Social Credit Were Ban From Transportation In China From 2018

China is known to have the biggest economic next to the US. With the country growing at a very good and amazing speed they are making sure that the security and standard of the country are maintained and kept.

For many who did not know China banned people from buying plane or train tickets 23 million times last year because their social credit scores were too low. This may look weird for some people in some country, even to me it looks weird, and this was according to the Associated Press, which obtained a copy of a government report.

Well, from the report and the research we got is that the government rolled out the travel ban on people with low social credit scores last May.  And according to a report from China’s National Public Credit Information Center from last week, people have been blocked 17.5 million times from purchasing airplane tickets, and 5.5 million times from buying high-speed train tickets. As a result of this, these people have become automatically “discredited” for unspecified behavioral crimes.

The Chinese government also employs a public blacklist of those who have been found guilty of crimes in court and punishes them partly by limiting their ability to buy plane and train tickets.

The Chinese Government has employed new policies and added more security camera’s to make a watch of the Citizens in the country to watch the behaviors of the citizens and to make sure that good behaviors are kept and no citizen goes against the law.

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