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New Feature On WhatsApp Beta Version To Tackle Fake News

Fake news is what is trending everywhere on the internet. Knowing that most apps and social media platform are now fighting against fake news from users and anonymous people using VPN to share fake news on the internet.

Lots of social media platform have been able to fight against the spread of fake news on their platform. Now people go to WhatsApp to share fake news to people. Knowing that WhatsApp does not verify any news sent by a user or received.

WhatsApp is now out to fight against the spread of fake news too using their new feature which is still under the beta version and still been tested for bugs. WhatsApp will now use a Google web API (Application Programming Interface) to search the web for images been sent or received by anybody.

This is how this new feature works when you upload an image a notification will be prompt to you saying “ this image will be Google to check the authentication” this feature is still been tested and will be of great help to the world in fighting fake news.

This new feature will help users understand that the image is fake and the news attached to it is also fake.


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