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Nollywood Actress Yvonne Jegede Reveals Why Her Marriage Failed To Abounce

Not too long ago Yvonne drops her last year maternity photos which she has been keeping to herself for a long time now. Now we are getting a report on her speaking about her marriage to Olakunle Fawole which is best known as Abounce. According to Yvonne, she said she did not regret getting married to Abounce although their marriage did not last for a year before they split ways.

While speaking on her failed marriage she said;

“ do not regret my marriage to him. I have never regretted anything in my life. Every experience is something to learn from. There really is nothing for me to sit down and wish I didn’t do or should have done. Yes, I reverted to my original name on social media, but I am fine. Don’t I look alright? ”

She continued by saying on the reason why her ex-husband was not present at their baby’s christening, she said;

“I really don’t know why he wasn’t there. Maybe you should ask him. However, I don’t feel bad that he wasn’t there and as you can see, I’m in high spirits. ”

When she was asked on her motherhood experience, she said;

“Having my baby was a journey; more like an experience, I can never forget. Motherhood has taught me endurance and patience. There are times I would want to sleep but I cannot because my baby is awake and I would have to keep him company. ”

She also asked if the motherhood would affect her career, she said;

“Certainly, motherhood would impact on the type of roles I would accept. Now, I would only do big jobs that can fetch more money because school fees are coming and the bank account has to be looking nice to be able to afford the expenses. I would be a lot busier this year. ”

Yvonne also revealed how she regained her sexy shape after childbirth, which was amazing;

“I have always been obsessed with losing weight. After having my baby, I’m trying to snap back and get to my normal shape. Losing weight is a thing of the mind; it has to do with your subconscious. It happens in the spirit before it manifests in the physical.”

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