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These Wireless Earbuds Last 50 Hours and are Way Cheaper than AirPods

You can’t ride the subway, walk to your local coffee shop or go outside to grab the mail without seeing someone wearing a pair of AirPods. An analyst predicts that Apple will ship 50 to 55million pairs of its earbuds this year, between 70 to 80 million units in 2020, and then 100 to 110 million units in the year 2021. Crazy, right?

Because of its ubiquity, a lot of people assumes that AirPods are the best among wireless earbud option in the market. But that’s not necessarily true. The Brio True Wireless Earbud boast of similar advanced features, many more hours of listening time, and even a better deal price point.

You might have seen the Brios hinted on in Mashable before, but here’s a very quick refresher: They combine balanced, rich audio with a smooth, stylish design that won’t tie you down with any cords or wires. Each of its pair features the up-to-date Bluetooth 5.0 technology that will never lag or drops your audio — AirPods still uses the 4.2 version for reference — and offers up to a whopping 50 hours of steady listening when using their compact, portable charging case. Meanwhile, Apple’s version can only lasts for about 24 hours using its charging case. We’re not insinuating that the Brios are perfect, but hey — they seem to come pretty close to perfection, don’t they?

Guess what? AirPods cost $159 but you can get a pair of this Brio True Wireless Earbuds in white or gunmetal for only $55.24, that’s if you buy them through Mashable Shop within the next few days. (This makes them more affordable than Samsung Galaxy Buds, which is the AirPod’s highest-profile rival, retailing for $129.99.) Be sure to enter the coupon code SEMIANNUAL at the checkout to shave 15% off the usual $64.99 sale price.


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