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What Bosses Find Most Awful About Employee’s Etiquette and Vice Versa

When it comes to etiquette at workplace, there are some things that people generally consider as dealable and there are others that people consider as “over the line”  according to John Goodman. Manytimes, coworkers and bosses encroaching on your mental and  personal territory can be the thing that moves your job from “enjoyable” to “intolerable.”

After a survey by Customized signage company Signs(.com) on  800 people – half of which where employees and the other half managers on the discuss of decorum towards work, with a major focus on behaviors they considered most inappropriate.

Emails at night

Only about 3% of non-managerial employees said that they received zero work-related e-mails after working hours. All the managers reported receiving a minimum of one after-hours e-mail every week – 12% said they received a minimum of 21 emails after hours weekly.

These night-time emails create a chain of obligation to respond to. While just 5% of employees admitted that they received the same amount of after-worktime emails as managers, a whole, 81% of employees felt obligated to reply in a timely fashion to those received emails.

Having the feeling like you’re always “on” and doing work for free off the clock could contribute to free-floating stress as well as anxiety. about one-third of respondents said that they felt stress over after-hours work communication.

Bad Employee Etiquette

Bosses seemed show resentment towards employees when they feel they are being taken for granted, or notice etiquettes been broken by abusing company time (i.e., lateness) or  unspoken rules.

90% of bosses considered chronic lateness very unacceptable, 83% found getting romantic: making unwanted moves towards anyone at work unacceptable, 80% also saw spending too much time on social media prohibited, 77% detested making too many personal calls and 76% disapproved telling inappropriate jokes

Bad Boss Etiquette

Top complaints from employees against their employers’ breaches of work etiquette all centered around the abuse of power.

Playing favorites was detested by 82% of men and 92% of women. Informal threats to sack employees were considered unacceptable by 82% of men and 84% women. Making romantic advances towards employees was seen unacceptable by 81% of men and 82% of women. Using the company expense accounts to run personal deals was displeasing to 79% men and 85% women. Taking the credit for other employees work was considered unacceptable by 85% of women and 77% of men.

Then there are these little things that can turn into huge irritants in the enclosed space of an office.

Using a speakerphone in a shared office was deed unacceptable by  75% of women and 65% of men, Using ALL CAPS was seen unacceptable by 62% of men and 69% of women, Gossiping was considered unacceptable by 66% of men and 70% of women, Not keeping cellphones on silent was found unacceptable by 60% of women and 52% of men.

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