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Google Celebrates Gmail AT 15 And Wish To Add Incredible Feature

It’s difficult to comprehend that Gmail is celebrating its 15th birthday today, debuting as it did on April 1 way back in 2004- back when, considering the date, many people assumed Google was only playing a prank by revealing a free email service on a day such as this. Google Gets the Message, Launches Gmail, the press release from the time professed.

Definitely, Today Gmail is the debut free email service, a focus of the workday for numerous experts. To be certain, the search giant is still modifying things; discovering chances to make updates which the company hopes will keep growing the user experience.

In the meantime, it appears that Google finally, at the celebration of 15 years, may likewise be nearer than ever to releasing a feature that users have always desired for a long time now.

Furthermore, the feature would also permit you to withdraw the stuck message at any time, within your convenience, before it’s sent. At that point, the email would return to draftstatus.

Significantly, while this feature sounds amusing for substantial email users, do consider all of the above unconfirmed at this point. Until Google finally agrees to recognize that it’s following this and certainly releasing it.               


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