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Why do fathers run away from their wives and children?

Judging by the recent happenings in our societies and even
the country at large, we will see that a lot of homes are broken either by the
fathers or mothers but we want to take a look at why fathers abandon and run
away from their family

    Can we call it a
case of infidelity? Or is it that they are oblivious to what a family means?

Family, as we all know, is the group of people who are related
by blood consisting of a father, mother and children. In most homes/families we
see that they are torn apart due to the fact that the father left the family
unannounced or willingly and in some cases don’t know they left a pregnant
woman behind.

Having seen the topic of the post let’s see some see reasons
fathers run away from their family

  • Most men today are scared of commitments and taking responsibility
  • When the marriage if forced on them out of family
    relationships, thereby not giving them a chance to
  •   marry someone their
    hearts go for.
  • Marrying a nagging woman.
  • When he is the only married men among his group of friends,
    he tends to meet up with their demands.
  • A man that is lustful has that tendency to leave his family behind,
    because he never gets satisfied with his wife.

              We all know that men are polygamous in nature
but many do not know that leaving their families behind affects their children
negatively especially in the school aspect, when talking with peers that like
discussing about their fathers it affects them and make them feel abandoned and

There is no perfect family because there’s bound to be
fights and quarreling and besides families are not built on money but is based
on love for each other, I know many men will say they give their wives and
children money every week/month, but it’s not enough to keep the fire in the
family burning.

We now know the reason fathers run away from their wives and
children. Please leave your comments in the section below and also tell us your experiences     

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