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CDQ’S Reaction/Correction to DJ Cuppy’s Speech

At the
Global Citizen Live in Berlin Germany, DJ Cuppy had said that the major problem
in Nigeria is Water supply, and this has cursed an uproar among the
disheartened Nigerians on Instagram.

As we all
know that there are lots of things lacking in this country that most of the citizens suffer, issues like unemployment, power supply and even economic

She might
not have noticed the issues and challenges that we face in this country because
many rich people don’t notice things like that and that’s why CDQ took to his
Instagram handle to correct her by saying

“Lovely speech baby,
but our main problem no be water, u for tell dem our main problem. Like economic
instability, low income(Wage/Salary) Unemployment, bad road network and
insufficient educational facilities for the masses so they would know how to
rightfully channel resources. Thank you. Just in case of next time”

He didn’t
make it sound like a beef talk but a piece of advice for her to get her facts straight
and right because they might want to render help to us with all these challenges
we are facing since it was an international gathering.

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