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BBNaija Twist: The introduction of two more new Housemates got Nigerians Reacting

Two more housemates have been introduced to the 2019 Big
Brother Naija reality show.

In a startling twist, a beautiful female housemate Enkay
walked into the house. The old contestants were visibly dazed at her arrival
but welcomed her warmly

 The housemates are
Enkay, a 25-year-old tailor and Joe, a creative director.

Introducing herself, Enkay said, she was “very
selfless.” adding that she is the salt that is missing in the Big Brother

Many Nigerians are especially amused by the reactions of
some of the housemates when the two new contestants arrived. For one, the
surprised look Mercy had on her face when Enkay walked in has become a meme.

While Tacha, Mercy, and others were still getting used to
seeing Enkay around, another Pepper Dem housemate named Joseph walked in. Many
Nigerian viewers/fans were completely elated by the addition of the new

 It has been gathered
that Enkay is a renowned fashion designer whose Instagram page is always
popping with beautiful photos of her wearing exquisite attires.

Joe, on the other hand, is a creative director. Reports had
it that, the artistic guy has a special mission that revolves around Khafi! On entering
the house, the new male housemate who has an exceptional mustache told Khafi that
he came for her.

Even more, a lot of people have commented on the way the men
in the house like Omashola and Frodd who are not in any love ship have ‘composed’
themselves upon the arrival of the new, beautiful ladies.

Talking about beauty, Nigerians viewers/fans have expressed
their thoughts about how beautiful they think Enkay is. According to some of
them, she is the real pepper dem babe.

Like brand new clothes that you can’t wait to try on, the viewer can’t wait to see what the new Housemates are bringing to the table. Although, a couple would like them to shatter the table to  bring more fun and pepper 

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