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Five Most searched Big Brother Naija Season 4 Housemates_Google

Google on Wednesday revealed Mercy, Tacha, Mike, Ike and
Seyi were the most searched Big Brother Naija Season 4 contestants on the
Google search.

Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, Google West Africa Regional
Communication and Public Relations Manager said that while the housemates
struggle for the grand prize of N60 million, fans have been scouring the net to
find out more about their favorite contestants.

Eight weeks in, 26 housemates and 12 evictions later, it
looks like the most-searched housemates were giving the other contestants a run
for their money, He said.

According to Google Search, they are five top trending Big
Brother Naija 2019; Pepper Dem housemates since the commencement of the
competition on 30 June 2019.

The list is based on top search performance on Google.

The fourth season of Big Brother Naija, known as “Big
Brother Naija 2019: Pepper Dem”, has taken Nigeria by storm, he said.

He said that the search was as follows: Mercy, a 26-year-old
video vixen and businesswoman based in Lagos loves cooking, swimming,
traveling and dancing. Popularly referred to as Lamborghini Mercy and leader of the Powerpuff Girls.

Her on-screen relationship with fellow contestant Ike, as
well as her fashion sense and good looks, keep Big Brother Naija fans wanting
more and searching for her online.

 Mercy is ranked the most-searched Big Brother
Naija 2019: Pepper Dem contestant on Google.

Following closely is Tacha, who hails from Rivers State;
the 23-year-old social media sensation loves to show herself to the world and
the Big Brother Naija stage is the ideal platform. Who is fondly referred to as Portharcourt’s First Daughter by her fellow housemates.

The businesswoman has grown her popularity on social media
through the show and is the second most-searched Big Brother Naija 2019. 

Her stern character adds to the excitement of the reality

Mike Edwards stunned Big Brother Naija 2019: Pepper Dem fans
when it was revealed that he was married.

He is also a CEO and an athlete with a resilient spirit,
Founder of the first Black-owned cigar brand in the United Kingdom.

 Mike has been able to position himself as
a guru in the Big Brother Naija house and his accent has made quite an
impression on the audience. The Cruise King

Mike is number 3 on the list of most-searched Big Brother
Naija 2019: Pepper Dem contestants on Google.

 Seyi popularly referred to as the
grandson of Awolowo, has indeed made his mark in the Big Brother Naija 2019.

From being head-of-house back to back, to having a heated argument with
Ike at one point, he has a strong personality that has stood out since day one
of the show

The bubbly entrepreneur is also a medical doctor who has
stated his commitment to his journey of self-acceptance, his girlfriend and his

He is ranked number 4 on the list of most-searched Big Brother Naija 2019; Pepper Dem contestants on Google.

The 26-year-old Steve Ikechukwu Onyema, originally from Imo
State, is said to be the look-alike of Marvel’s Black Panther actor, Michael B.
Jordan. The official gangster of the house.

His relationship with fellow housemate, Mercy, among other
activities in the house have made him one of the contestants to watch out for.

He ranks the fifth position among the top searched Big
Brother Naija 2019: Pepper Dem housemates according to Google Search.

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