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How to Download GOTV App with your Smartphones

Are you tired of missing all your favorite programs cause you are at work or away from home? Then worry not cause GOTV  has provided an app that can let you watch all your favorite programs and keep you updated at any place and any time which is the GOTV Mobile App. So if you are a GOTV customer or intending customer to be, this is for you.

As we all know GOTV is next in line after DSTV when it comes to our viewing pleasure, you can now download GOTV App on your mobile phone and watch all, it’s programs instead of waiting till you get home.

How to Download and use GOTV Mobile App on your Android Phone.
Step 1. Download the GOTV mobile app from google play store. But if you got it downloaded from an unknown site then ensure you move to your settings menu to verify and allow the app to install from the unknown sources before any installation of the APP

Step 2. Open the GOTV Mobile App and enter the needed details to make the application function then head to the settings menu for the configuration of the app according to what is preferable to you, explore the app to check out its functions.

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