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The Ultimate Veto Power Holder Game of Chance

We all know how eager the housemates are to win the Veto power as it gives them the power to save and replaced but what they didn’t see coming was the change in the game. Well, trust Biggie to always spice things up.

The housemates were given a Red Box, with instructions and warnings regarding the Red box. The housemates are not to leave the box unattended to, and, must not be broken by any means. Failure to adhere to the instructions attract punishment.

This Veto Power challenge will be the last to happen this season, whoever wins it must prove his worth. Little wonder, it takes 60 pictures for a whole week before the winner of the Ultimate VPH will emerge.

All housemates were to pick their number cards from the magic hat, each housemate proceeded to pick the pictures of their choice.

 Every day till next week Sunday, each Housemate will pick a picture of an object that must match the one in the red box. This means for a week, each Housemate would have picked 6 pictures. In the end, whoever comes with the one picture that matches the content of the red box wins the final Veto Power for the Pepper Dem Gang.

The most interesting part of this is that biggie stripped the Housemates of all strikes and warnings, You can imagine how happy Tacha, Ike, Mercy, and Omashola were when biggie made the announcement.

Now that the game has taken a new twist and all Strikes and Punishment has been forgiven, little wonder how the Dynamics of the game will change.

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