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FIRS Chairman – No harm In Introducing Communication Tax; Nigerians talk a lot on the Phone

Babatunde Fowler, chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue
Service (FIRS) has said there is no harm in introducing Communication tax as
Nigerians talk a lot on the phone. 

In a bid to it more understandable he said, “I will put it this way, Nigerians talk a lot on the phone;
they even talk more than is required so for them to have capacity or revenue to
talk that much, I don’t see any harm in paying a little bit more to
government,” he said.

“He talked about the comparison between Nigeria and other developing Countries but made reference to how Ghana
introduced a 2% education tax and used it to fund their universities and that is the reason Nigerians are now going to university in Ghana. They didn’t look for
aid, they did it by themselves.

“By the VAT Act, the minister has the right to change the
rate but this government; I believe wants to carry every stakeholder along
including those in the house and explain to them that this increase is for the benefit of all Nigerians.

The money will help the state look after the needy among
us” he said. 


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